Fire Fighters Needed at Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality X19

Fire Fighters Needed at Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality X19

Closing date: 24 March 2023

Salary: R245 256 – R340 980 per annum ﴾Basic salary only, excluding benefits﴿

Fire Fighters Needed at Nelson Mandela BayMunicipality X19

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for appointment to the above‐mentioned position.

Qualifications and experience required:

 1. The incumbent must have a valid driver’s licence.

2. The incumbent must have an appropriate level of secondary qualifications plus one

of the following:Fire‐fighter 1 and Hazardous Materials, OR

Basic Ambulance course ﴾four weeks﴿

Key attributes and competencies:

Must have a sense of urgency.

Must have fire‐fighting skills.

Must have a provision of medical assistance skills.

Must be physically fit and abled‐bodied, and able to carry objects in excess oftwenty ﴾20﴿ kg.

Job purpose:

Rendering emergency and humanitarian services to the community for thesaving/protection of life and property.

Special conditions to this position:

The incumbent is required to be on stand‐by.The incumbent is required to work overtime during specific unplannedemergencies/ disasters.

All shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo a medical test and may beassessed on any requirement or competency during the selection process. Theincumbent will be required to work a 42‐hour week on a shift basis ﴾including nightshifts﴿.

As part of the selection process, candidates may be tested on any requirement, skill orcompetency, which will include pre‐employment screening, medical examination,security vetting and psychometric assessment.

Fringe benefits will include membership of a Retirement Fund, Medical Aid Scheme,Group Life Assurance Scheme, participation in a Housing Subsidy and Car Schemes﴾subject to the conditions of the various Schemes﴿, and normal leave and sick leavebenefits.

How to apply


Kindly note that all applications for employment and supporting documentation inrespect of the advertised vacancy should be submitted online on the municipal website at

 ﴾go to ‘Vacancies’ to find the documentation fordetails for submitting online applications﴿. It is advisable to submit applications online ingood time to allow time for attending to queries that may arise when submittingapplications. 

Hand delivered or mailed applications for this position will not be accepted.Telephonic enquiries may be directed to the Receptionist, tel. 041 506 3259